Ex Mea Sententia

October 24, 2010, 21:20
Filed under: paranormal

I’m fascinated by the paranormal, so for Halloween I thought it would be interesting to bring up the piece of media that is Ghostwatch.

Ghostwatch was a Halloween special produced by BBC in 1992. After it aired, it was banned from Great Britain for ten years due to the reaction it received. The tv-film is a horror mockumentary that featured real news anchors on a real tv show. It aired “live” on Halloween. In the show, reporters investigated a “haunting” which began to have effects that extended beyond the walls of the haunted house. As a result, viewers of the show panicked, even though BBC thought it adequately conveyed its programming as fiction.

The show itself is pretty neat for 1992 and one can see its influence in later films like The Blair Witch Project.

The whole thing is on youtube. The wikipedia write-up is also pretty interesting.



Emmons County Series
October 19, 2010, 03:36
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Lately, I’ve been working on a series of drawings based on photos I took while working in Emmons County, ND.


School Window

I call the style expressionistic line and I like it because it allows me to view the photo and reinterpret it.

The photos I work with are mostly from abandoned buildings; nature doesn’t work particularly well.

All of these photos were legally taken; I explored the buildings with permission. Maybe I’m too particular about the legal nature of photography, but I find trespassing for photos to be a little problematic, even though landowners often don’t take issue.

Anyway, I have around fifteen drawings based on my survey photography and will probably draw more as I experiment with the style.

Global Visions – Katyn
October 18, 2010, 22:51
Filed under: anthropology

If you like foreign/independent films, you are in luck. The Global Visions Film Series debuts tomorrow night (7pm in the lecture bowl at UND’s Memorial Union) with the Polish film Katyn.

Katyn poster

I’m not entirely sure what the film is about, as I like to attend the movies without any real knowledge of the plot, mostly because I usually form opinions about films before seeing them, especially if they are mainstream and heavily advertised, and so seeing the Global Visions films is pretty refreshing.

I’m thinking Katyn is about war, judging by the dress of the people featured in the poster. It will probably be hard to watch in a good way, judging by previous picks.

It was also nominated for Best Foreign Film or whatever the category is in one of the latest rounds of the Academy Awards.

Therefore, you should go see it.